InterMedia Entertainment provides its celebrity deal making services to a range of businesses, including new marketers, companies with existing campaigns that need renewed creative, and other advertising and marketing entities. InterMedia has executed campaigns with such leading entertainment figures as Gabby Reece, Bob Vila, Joey Fatone, Shannen Doherty, Joe Theismann, and Joan Lunden. InterMedia Entertainment conducts extensive market research to determine the right celebrity for each client. The company works with industry-leading agents, managers and studio executives to create its pairings.

Our Approach

Exploit differences between the value of an asset and the cost of its acquisition … with a ruthless drive for efficiency.

Our Philosophy

Brands and advertisers will be faced with the increasingly difficult challenge of engaging consumers in the fragmented media landscape unless …

  • Brands engage consumers by creating unique, compelling, and immersive experiences, stories and Entertainment
  • These stories and experiences must be told simultaneously over multiple media platforms
  • A new entertainment and advertising paradigm has emerged where the expertise of Madison Avenue is combined with the “creative capital” of Hollywood to create compelling, immersive experiences and entertainment for brands
  • In success, branded entertainment programs have and will live beyond their original intended purpose to drive consumer engagement and brand awareness to become a part of the cultural conversation and “zeitgeist”
  • The potential exists for brands to have true ownership in entertainment properties that live on for years

Our Team

Robert B. YallenRobert B. YallenPresident and Chief Executive Officer
As President and CEO of the InterMedia Group of Companies®, Bob Yallen directs twelve integrated advertising divisions that operate independently or in concert, depending on the range of services required by the agency’s clients. The InterMedia Group of Companies, which today bill over $600 million annually, has been built on a blend of results-oriented direct response principles and general market resources and techniques.

Yallen is an industry forerunner at integrating key direct response principles within major brand campaigns as basic cost-effective marketing strategies. Early on, Bob understood that specific direct marketing philosophies and practices could be adapted for major advertisers to deliver powerful, media-efficient brand messaging, in addition to driving product sales.

Using proprietary technologies, cost-efficient direct response buying strategies and cutting-edge production, Yallen has positioned InterMedia as a leader in product sales, brand recognition and retail advertising. His pioneering spirit and vision have led to the introduction of numerous innovative media, creative and analytic methods by InterMedia.

Hunington SachsHunington SachsVP, Business and Legal Affairs
Hunington Sachs is a media and entertainment attorney with 20 years experience negotiating commercial endorsement, celebrity spokesperson and brand sponsorship deals in television advertising, film, music, digital media, video gaming and sports. Prior to InterMedia, Hunington was COO and General Counsel at WXP Games, the Seattle-based video game developer. During Hunington’s tenure, the company produced numerous platinum-selling games, including Scene It? Lights Camera Action, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball.

Hunington has also served as Interim General Counsel for PBS affiliate KCTS Channel 9 in Seattle, and General Counsel for the Pacific Rim Sports Summit, an event licensed by the U.S. Olympic Committee. He is a member of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals, and the Entertainment Division of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Rick FeldmanRick FeldmanVP, Marketing and Strategy
As Vice President in charge of marketing and strategy for InterMedia, Rick Feldman helps to create the positioning and promotional approach for the agency’s group of companies, as well as developing high-level strategic direction for many of the agency’s clients.

Rick has been involved in high-level, multi-media advertising for almost 30 years, specializing in results-oriented, direct marketing campaigns. He broke into advertising with InterMedia in the mid-1980s, going from Assistant Media Buyer to Vice President, Client Services. Over the ten years of his first stretch at the agency, he learned the direct response business under the tutelage of InterMedia’s founder, Syd Yallen.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rick received a BA in Marketing from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and then moved directly to California after graduation to make up for those years of sunshine-deprivation.

Joseph PouloseJoseph PouloseSVP, Chief Information Officer
Joseph Poulose is InterMedia’s Chief Information Officer, plus he directs InfoTech Development®, an agency component that designs and integrates emerging and proprietary technologies into our client’s campaigns.

Joseph specializes in developing cutting-edge reporting and analytic tools and approaches that streamline clients’ advertising operations while delivering higher levels of diagnostic and optimization capabilities to their campaigns.

In addition to developing new analytic tools and systems, Joseph guides the process of integrating technological enhancements into InterMedia’s existing roster of proprietary, state-of-the-art applications.