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InterMedia Entertainment’s IME Star Index was developed out of pressing need from direct to consumer (D2C) marketers for an accurate measurement tool.

There are already several celebrity measurement tools available to advertisers, including the Q-Score, Davie Brown Index and E-Score. However, none of these are specifically designed to measure the unique attributes that determine the efficacy of a celebrity spokesperson within the context of a Direct to Consumer (D2C) marketing program.

InterMedia Entertainment is constantly enhancing the index’s celebrity list to accommodate the ever-changing, expanding direct response landscape. The IME Star Index was designed to capture and track rapidly-shifting public sentiment concerning celebrities in a media and celebrity obsessed society. InterMedia Entertainment conducts this primary consumer research on a quarterly basis to ensure that the index is reflective of current media trends and consumer attitudes.

InterMedia Entertainment provides its celebrity deal making services to a wide range of businesses, including new marketers, companies with existing campaigns looking for a renewed creative focus, and other advertising / marketing entities. In the recent past, we have executed campaigns with such leading sports and entertainment figures as Joey Fatone, Joan Lunden and Gabrielle Reece.

InterMedia Entertainment conducts extensive market research to determine the right celebrity for each client. The company works with industry-leading agents and managers to create optimal pairings.

Customized research is available on individual celebrities based upon:
The IME Star Index is a proprietary tool–only available from InterMedia Entertainment.
Betty White

Can you guess which actress is ranked #1 on the IME Star Index?
Has been an active animal rights activist for years
Played the same character on four different TV series
Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1988
Frequent guest celebrity / panelist on numerous game shows
Her career has spanned over eight decades, starting in 1939

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