Gabby Reece, Volleyball and Fitness Icon, Services Deal with KOWA’s NutriDiet® in Association with InterMedia Entertainment®

Few women today personify that classic robust, wholesome, athletic beauty that bespeaks a healthy lifestyle more than pro volleyball and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece — and thanks to a collaboration with InterMedia Entertainment®, she will soon be seen nationwide as the new spokesperson for KOWA’s NutriDiet® dietary supplement.

“Our search for the perfect NutriDiet spokesperson was realized in Gabrielle Reece, who has an instantaneously strong appeal to women and men who respond to her immense appeal and credibility,” said Rob Levy, President of InterMedia Entertainment®.

Launching March 17, Reece will be featured in a new advertising campaign on behalf of the Japanese company whose roots go back more than 100 years. InterMedia Entertainment® shares KOWA as a client with fellow InterMedia companyInterQuantum®, which has secured distribution for NutriDiet in more than 12,000 retail stores nationwide.

About Gabby Reece
Reece is a world-renowned athlete, model, New York Times bestselling author, fitness expert, wife and mother. The 6’ 3″ former pro beach volleyball player — who is married to surfing legend Laird Hamilton — has carved out a role as a popular media star in the healthy living and wellness category. She’s been featured on ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV and the Discovery Channel networks, numerous films and magazine covers, along with being a contributing columnist for Yahoo Health and The Huffington Post. The author of two books– Big Girl in the Middle and My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper: A Guide to the Less Than Perfect Life– Reece has become an international role model to women on achieving peak fitness, good health and overall well-being for themselves and their entire family. Gabby Reece is repped by ROAR. For more information on Gabby, please visit or call 310-424-7800.

About KOWA
Kowa Health Care America Inc. is a subsidiary of KOWA Company Ltd. (Japan), a multinational pharmaceutical and trading company. For many decades, KOWA has proudly brought pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions to Japan and other countries in Asia. Now the company is making its unique dietary supplements available to consumers in the United States.