InterMedia Entertainment® Signs ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone and DYI Expert Bob Vila for Client Ad Campaigns

Bob Vila and Joey Fatone

InterMedia Entertainment® has secured two high-profile personalities for advertising campaigns for major brands. The company has landed ’N Sync’s Joey Fatone for Bosley Hair Restoration and DYI TV guru Bob Vila for Telebrands.

“We’ve had a great start to 2014,” said Rob Levy, President of InterMedia Entertainment®. “These two very diverse campaigns show the versatility that we serve with distinctly different types of clients. And for each, we’ve found the ideal spokespersons. We’re looking forward to supporting our clients in launching compelling and successful campaigns with these two highly recognizable celebrities.”

InterMedia Entertainment® provides its celebrity deal-making services to a range of businesses, including new marketers, companies with existing campaigns that need renewed creative, and other advertising/ marketing entities. The company leverages decades of collective celebrity deal-making experience and relationships to structure entertainment partnerships. InterMedia has executed campaigns with such leading entertainment figures as Larry King, Bruce Boxleitner,William Devane, Joan Lunden and Joe Theismann. InterMedia Entertainment® conducts extensive market research to determine the right celebrity for each client. The company works with industry-leading agents, managers and studio executives to create its pairings.

InterMedia Entertainment® also publishes InterMedia Entertainment DR Star Index® which is designed to capture and track rapidly-shifting public sentiment concerning celebrities who either currently function—or have the potential to function—as spokespeople in a direct response context. InterMedia Entertainment DR Star Index® is made available to industry executives looking to make optimum choices for celebrity endorsements and spokespeople.

Here’s a look at the two celebrities signed by InterMedia Entertainment® for upcoming 2014 campaigns:

Fatone is currently traveling the country with his cooking show “My Family Recipe Rocks,” which airs Sunday nights on the Live Well Network. ’N Sync has sold more than 50 million records worldwide and still remains one of the biggest music groups of all time. Joey’s willingness to reveal the secret of his hair restoration by Bosley made him the ideal spokesperson for the brand.

Vila, host of This Old House, Bob Vila’s Home Again, Bob Vila, Restore America with Bob Vila, and his most recent TV series, Building Green, delivers high recognition among TV viewers, plus large doses of homespun charm and practical savvy to Telebrands’ campaign for Grassology, a breakthrough in lawn care that provides a gorgeous rich green lawn that’s virtually maintenance-free.