Incorporating Psychographics into the Index

Joe Theismann

Due to the rise of social media and other innovations in advertising and technology, we live in an age in which brands and celebrities can go beyond basic communication with consumers and fans to engage with them in more substantial ways. And the key to any successful modern marketing campaign is not merely to reach the desired target audience, but also to attain a level of meaningful engagement that aids in customer acquisition.

The direct response marketplace has long focused on advanced customer acquisition metrics, and brand advertisers are now catching up to DR by focusing on measurable, ROI-driven media. A well-executed celebrity endorsement has been a successful strategy in the brand and DR advertising arenas alike; the right spokesperson relationship is proven to enhance brand awareness and affinity, and boost response rates for DR marketers.

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Identifying a Celebrity Truth Ambassador

Walter Cronkite
“And that’s the way it is, on this date…”– Walter Cronkite’s trademark ending to his CBS Evening News broadcasts.

Most Americans believed him. For most of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, public polls consistently named CBS anchor Walter Cronkite as the “the most trusted man in America.” His image of delivering the news with pure impartiality transcended age, gender, race and political affiliation. Throughout the country, his words were taken as the truth.

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The Many Voices of Morgan Freeman – Why His is the Most Trusted

Morgan Freeman
Oscar winner Morgan Freeman celebrated his 77th birthday on Sunday, June 1. He’s been in countless films onscreen, but you’re liable to hear him more often than see him as executives love to lend his voice to narrate films, ads, news and sports broadcasting.

Rob Levy, President of InterMedia Entertainment a company that tabulates the trustworthiness of celebrities in their DR Star Index, says Freeman’s choice of film roles early on formed his image as the trusted, wise adviser, “His role is Shawshank Redemption crystalized my perception of him a truly sympathetic, loyal and trustworthy character. It may seem like common sense, but our data has shown that perception can indeed be reality in the eyes of consumers.”

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Competing for Market Share in the Crowded Weight Loss Sector

Jessica Simpson
According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third of U.S. adults are considered obese, and an even greater share is considered overweight. Given these unhealthy demographic trends, the already-robust market for weight loss products and services should continue to see overall growth.

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Can a Live-Action Movie Save Barbie and Mattel?

Ken and Barbie
Think Barbie isn’t enough of a “real woman?” Well, she’s about to become one.

For years, Mattel has been battling the notion that their hallmark brand, once a symbol of female empowerment, enforces impossible body-image standards. But the recently-announced live action Barbie film could change that … assuming they don’t cast this woman.

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle From An Athlete’s Perspective

Here’s Gabrielle Reece talking about her recent deal with KOWA’s NutriDiet® dietary supplement.

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Sandra Bullock Rockets to Number 1 in InterMedia Entertainment® Q1 2014 IME Star Index® Rankings

Sandra Bullock

Clearly, Sandra Bullock is on top of the world following her critically acclaimed performance in Gravity, the box office smash that just won seven Oscars.

Bullock now also ranks as Hollywood’s highest paid actress, but that’s not the only list that the versatile actress now heads; in the latest InterMedia Entertainment IME Star Index®, Bullock rocketed to the top overall ranking on the list, which measures the direct response marketability of celebrities across a wide berth of advertising categories.

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InterMedia Entertainment® Signs ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone and DYI Expert Bob Vila for Client Ad Campaigns

Bob Vila and Joey Fatone

InterMedia Entertainment® has secured two high-profile personalities for advertising campaigns for major brands. The company has landed ’N Sync’s Joey Fatone for Bosley Hair Restoration and DYI TV guru Bob Vila for Telebrands.

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